The epitome of a waterproof floor: Luxury vinyl

One of the questions that we get a lot these days has to do with waterproof flooring. People want to know whether there is such a thing or whether it is just a marketing technique. Of course, the answer is that there is such a thing as waterproof flooring, so no, this is not just a ploy to get you to come into our store. Nevertheless, when you think of luxury vinyl, to think of it merely as a waterproof option is to miss the many other advantages that this flooring brings.

A waterproof floor

So, what do we mean by a waterproof floor? For starters, water will not negatively affect the flooring. The floor does not fade, discolor, shrink, warp, or swell due to water's presence — either from small amounts or large amounts. Just clean up the spill, and you are on your way. The second aspect is that water will not pass through the floor to the subfloor below. This prevents water spilled on the surface from touching your valuable subfloor and will help keep your living areas dry. These advantages make luxury vinyl floors an excellent option in kitchens, bathrooms, entrance ways, and basements, to name just a few places where moisture can be a concern.

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It’s not just about water

LVF is made to imitate a wide variety of beautiful flooring styles. For instance, luxury vinyl planks are designed to give the look and feel of hardwood underfoot, while luxury vinyl tile gives the appearance and texture of ceramic, porcelain, and stone tiles.

They are textured to match the grain patterns in the material they imitate, and in many cases, your guests may never know that you don't have hardwood or tile installed in your home. The wide variety of options means that this flooring can easily be installed in any room in your home and can provide the right look to match your overall decor.

Easy maintenance

As you might expect from a vinyl floor, not only does it have a strong wear-layer to prevent scratching and blemishes, it also cleans up easily. In most cases, wipe up the spills, sweep up the crumbs, and hit it with an occasional wet mop. Your floor will look as good as new for many years.

If any of this catches your attention, you need to stop by our luxury vinyl flooring showroom in Newville, PA. We have the widest variety of materials in the region and offer expert installation. At Custom Cut Flooring, we also serve the areas of Newville, PA, Plainfield, PA, Dickinson, PA, Carlisle, PA, Shippensburg, PA, and Mechanicsburg, PA; stop by or give one of our sales staff a call. We'd love to show off all of the possibilities that luxury vinyl flooring can bring to your home.