Glass tile enhances your home’s interior

Whether you’re looking to install glass tile flooring or want to add lavish style on your walls, fireplace surrounds, or pool decks, you'll make stunning design statements with these sparkly little jewels. Glass tiles reflect and refract brightness, making any room appear larger and more open, mainly when the lighter colors are used.

Glass tile flooring is durable, easy to clean, mold-mildew-and-moisture resistant. In addition, glass tiles cast few shadows, which can provide more light in task areas. They also have unlimited design options, whether you choose to combine colors or even use them with other materials, such as metal and stone. Best of all, homeowners can know that they're beautifying their home with an eco-friendly product because it takes about half the energy to produce, unlike ceramics.

How do glass tiles differ from ceramics?

While ceramics have glass-like surfaces when glazed, they are opaque, and the color is either on the surface or baked in through the entire bisque. While many think only of ceramics, a glass tile backsplash makes a stunning addition to the home, thanks to the translucent and reflective quality. Some light is thrown back from the tile's surface, while some are reflected off the wall behind the tile, giving the tile visual depth with a watery shine or glow.

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What about floors?

Glass mosaic gives a room a sense of luxury and elegance. When used on bathroom floors, a current trend, it provides the space with a feeling of an upscale spa. These tiles come in many sizes, sometimes as small as 1/2 by 1/2 inch, with squares and rectangles being the familiar shapes, although specialty tiles are available.

You can get anything from herringbone patterns to weaves and ornate glass mosaic tile at Custom Cut Flooring. Whether it's flooring or our -custom glass tile backsplash, we're here to guide you to the right one for your home. Come in to get inspired and get a free quote at our showroom in Newville, PA. We work with homeowners and businesses in and near Newville, PA, Plainfield, PA, Dickinson, PA, Carlisle, PA, Shippensburg, PA and Mechanicsburg, PA. One last tip: Always buy a few extra pieces in case any get damaged during the installation. Stop by today and let our glass tile flooring professionals help you transform your home.