Custom tile showers


Let’s talk luxury: Custom tile showers

There are few things more luxurious than a long, hot shower after a hard day of work. The act of soaking sore feet and sore muscles in the water has a way of breathing life back into your weary body. Why not make this space as elegant to look at as it is to experience?

Waterproof materials

If there is a spot in your home that absolutely must be waterproof, I think we would all agree that it is the shower. It gets used every day in most cases, and, if you have a big family, it gets used repeatedly on the same day. And, what are the contents of showers? Well, there are soaps, conditioners, shampoos, etc., but all of these things only work when you are wet. In fact, according to the people who study this kind of thing, an average shower uses about 17 gallons of water. It better be waterproof.

To ensure that our custom showers are fully waterproof, we proudly offer the Schluter system of bases, inserts, and materials. Schluter produces some of the finest materials available, and they are guaranteed to make your shower fully waterproof. The water is going to go (and remain) only where it is supposed to go.



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Tile showers

We believe that ceramic and porcelain tiles make for some of the most attractive shower possible. Tile, combined with the Schluter system, makes for the perfect custom shower. Imagine anything you can do to a tile floor you can do in your shower. Make the design of your bathroom flow through the whole room with our custom showers. You can use large pieces, small pieces, or a combination of borders and trims. You can also have tiles staggered or placed on angles. If you can envision it, we can recreate it; don't settle for anything less.

Professional installation

Our installers are amongst the finest craftsmen in the region, and they thoroughly enjoy it when the opportunity arises to do custom work. They will arrive at your home promptly when scheduled, and they will walk you step by step through the process of building and installing your custom shower. They welcome an audience as well as questions along the way.

If you are considering custom showers, you need to visit us at Custom Cut Flooring. We are the premier retailer of such materials in our area. We also offer Schluter Systems so that you will get the very best products and installation possible. We serve the areas of Newville, PA, Plainfield, PA, Dickinson, PA, Carlisle, PA, Shippensburg, PA, and Mechanicsburg, PA, and we would love to serve you as well. Give us a call or stop by our showroom, and one of our knowledgeable sales associates will walk you through all of your options when it comes to custom showers. We think you will be glad you did.