Midpark Mosaics by Marazzi


Natural stones and multi-surfaced porcelain create striking dimensional wall art in Midpark Mosaics. With dazzling combinations of color, texture, and sheen, this intricate, mesh-mounted mosaic makes a bold statement in any room. Utilized in full-sized pieces or cut into accent strips, Midpark Mosaics is suited for any trend-forward residential or commercial setting. Complementing marble, limestone, slate, metal and glass, it can serve as a striking focal point or create dramatic interplay with other design elements indoors or out.

Color: Shadow Mosaic (Rectangle 3"Xrandom) - 13X12
  • Bark Mosaic (Rectangle 3"Xrandom) - 13X12
  • Bark Mosaic (Square 2"Xrandom) - 13X13
  • Bark Mosaic (Trapezoid 1"Xrandom) - 12X12
  • Cloud Mosaic (Rectangle 3"Xrandom) - 13X12
  • Cloud Mosaic (Square 2"Xrandom) - 13X13
  • Cloud Mosaic (Trapezoid 1"Xrandom) - 12X12
  • Rainstorm Mosaic (Rectangle 3"Xrandom) - 13X12
  • Rainstorm Mosaic (Square 2"Xrandom) - 13X13
  • Rainstorm Mosaic (Trapezoid 1"Xrandom) - 12X12
  • Sandbox Mosaic (Rectangle 3"Xrandom) - 13X12
  • Sandbox Mosaic (Square 2"Xrandom) - 13X13
  • Sandbox Mosaic (Trapezoid 1"Xrandom) - 12X12
  • Shadow Mosaic (Rectangle 3"Xrandom) - 13X12
  • Shadow Mosaic (Rectangle 3"Xrandom) Mosaic (Rectangle 3"Xrandom) - 12X12
  • Shadow Mosaic (Square 2"Xrandom) - 13X13
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Midpark Mosaics
Shadow Mosaic (Rectangle 3"Xrandom) - 13X12
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