What can I expect from my local flooring store?

What can I expect from my local flooring store?

Local stores provide many benefits not possible in the big box stores. If you’re wondering what the difference is, read on to see what you can expect from your local flooring company.

A larger inventory

At Custom Cut Flooring, we'll show all items, whether or not they're big sellers. If you have a vision of something that might be considered a little out-of-the-ordinary? We bet you'll find it at our flooring store in Newville, PA and, if it's not on display, we'll order it for you. That's because, unlike corporate entities that are tied to vendor requirements, we are entirely independent. 

More personalized customer service

Our staff is highly trained and required to continue education, whether workshops, trade shows, classes, etc. Also, let's face it: Many big boxes are popular after school jobs, most of whom have little or no idea about the flooring product.  

Our staff is fully trained on our products, as well as on both national and regional trends. If you have a question, they can either answer it or escalate it to someone who can. If you come in asking where something is, we promise you; no one will point vaguely. Someone will walk you there. 

Better Pricing

Our goal is to help you find the right flooring at reasonable prices, not to get you into the store and then get you to spend your money. 
We don't have to pay for advertising, and our overheads are also lower since we don't have sprawling, 3500-square-foot facilities. We also don't have to answer to vendors who set prices and frown upon any deviation.

Because of the lack of constraints, we can work with vendors during promotional events, which means we can always work with you.

More efficient hand-offs

Once you buy the flooring, it goes to our installation department, where we'll keep in touch to make sure it all runs smoothly.

Our flooring company promises you a stress-free and pleasant experience, and we know the choices can be overwhelming. Our professionals will help you sort it all out. If you live in or around Newville, Plainfield, Dickinson, Carlisle, Shippensburg, or Mechanicsburg, come into the Custom Cut Flooring showroom in Newville, PA. You'll be glad you did and will also walk out with a free floor covering quote.