A guide to understanding carpet flooring pile

A guide to understanding carpet flooring pile

Pile refers to how the fibers are attached to the backing in carpeting. Pile determines the style and affects the feeling underfoot.

How it all begins

Every carpet starts as a looped pile. Looped piles have short, tightly woven fibers.
They are durable and great for high-traffic areas. Looped piles can have different weights, and the loops can be thick or thin.

When they’re sheared

Looped piles can become cut piles. First, there's the essential cut pile with short, evenly cut fibers. Or, they can be cut into fibers of varying heights.

A high pile floor covering has long loose fibers. Because of the fiber height, they tend to bend more and look and feel softer than others.

Great for bedrooms

High pile rugs are incredible for bedrooms. They absorb sound; that's a great benefit, especially if you have young children or shift workers who sleep at odd hours.

They also provide excellent cushioning. If you have a toddler just learning to walk, it eliminates worries about a hard fall.

Low piles rugs: ideal for heavily trafficked areas

These have a smooth, even surface that makes them more durable and easy to clean.

Our carpet store has a variety of high, low, and medium pile rugs. Feel free to visit us.

The iconic Saxony

Saxony comes in two versions. Plush is soft and luxurious and best for bedrooms. Trackless has fibers that go in all directions, so they don't show vacuum marks or footprints. You can use them anywhere.

Cut & loop carpeting

This is just as it sounds. The various fiber heights create patterns and textures.

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